About Bred & Butter

In thirty years, the texts we've sent will be long gone -- but there's a good chance that the cards we wrote will be tucked away in drawers and shoeboxes for safekeeping. There's something powerful about paper, and it's why Bred & Butter exists.

Bred & Butter aims to be clean, fresh, and timeless. We strive to use the highest quality, environmentally-friendly materials and source locally. All of our products are made in the USA. Our desire is to provide paper products that help you share love with the people in your life. 

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About the Owner

Jenna Bredehoeft has been making cards for people since she could hold a crayon. She worked in corporate communications and education before launching Bred & Butter. She's a sucker for kraft paper and euro-flap envelopes, and she loves the tactile nature of the work.

Her daughters Brooklyn and Ruby are fondly known as "the shipping department." (The kind folks at the post office know them well.) Their library books are a source of endless design inspiration for their mom. 

Jenna's husband and their chocolate lab can often be found watching helplessly as the dining room table is buried under paper samples. They live in Dallas, Texas.